Handmade Albums

Hi I am Beki and I am a photographer and a bookbinder. I combine these trades to retell the gorgeous event that is your wedding in a pretty unusual way. Being a bookbinder means I cut, fold, stick, sew, press and cover every wedding album from scratch.

I work from my studio with Krause the 200 year old board cutter and we love it when couples come and visit after their wedding to choose the papers for their album, they see how the books are traditionally made with traditional tools whilst drinking tea and eating biscuits.

Each book is customised to include the details from your wedding that you want to keep but don’t know what to do with, this has been anything from confetti, dried bouquet petals, lace garters to tear stained speeches. A hand made album is the big thing you have to preserve the memories of your wedding so I always want to make it something unique and awesome.

I take inspiration from all things vintage and retro, particularly patterns, text and textiles. I am like a Magpie when I get into a charity shop and I am a sucker for anything handmade, because I love a labour of love.

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