Incredible India…

Oh January… you are the only month of the year I do not wizz around the country photographing lovely weddings so me and the camera like to take this opportunity to get on a plane and go somewhere new for a right good adventure. India has ‘life long dream’ stamped all over it and this year it finally happened. Hope you these images like as much as I do.

2016-02-09_0001 2016-02-09_0002 2016-02-09_0003 2016-02-09_0004 2016-02-09_0005 2016-02-09_0006 2016-02-09_0007 2016-02-09_0008 2016-02-09_00092016-02-09_0012 2016-02-09_00132016-02-29_0002

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