• Anna and Jack - Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding

  • I met Anna and Jack at a wedding a few years ago and as always really loved it when the time came and they asked me to photograph their wedding. Excitement mounted when they told me they were getting married at The National Theatre, having the Do at Trinity Buoy Wharf and two lamers would be hanging around. Aside the fun in having livestock at your wedding – I am Country Mouse and going to the Big Smoke get’s me buzzing. Such a fun day, good People’s, awesome venue’s…. we all had crazy smiles plastered on our faces all day long.

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  • Incredible India...

  • Oh January… you are the only month of the year I do not wizz around the country photographing lovely weddings so me and the camera like to take this opportunity to get on a plane and go somewhere new for a right good adventure. India has ‘life long dream’ stamped all over it and this year it finally happened. Hope you these images like as much as I do.

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  • Final Part of unseen beauteous weddings...

  • Feast your eyes on the the final part of what was only the second half of last years weddings. It was a very special year – busy and bonkers, filled with new friends and fun, but mostly it was an absolute privileged to watch these lovely people get married, so many Boom moments captured, it really is an awesome job. 2016-02-24_00212016-02-24_00202016-02-24_00182016-02-24_00232016-02-24_00192016-02-24_00222016-02-24_00092016-02-25_0002

  • A day of learning and lols

  • Meet Caroline Hancox. She is my ‘Photography Friend’. We met at a workshop years ago and as a fellow creative wedding photographer – who also spends most of her time working alone, we made a blood promise to meet up every few months in London –  neck lots of coffee, talk shop and wander around lovely photography exhibitions together. It was on one of these occasions we found ourselves discussing the age old topic of how to stretch ourselves artistically on a shoot, whilst also guaranteeing a fabulous result for our client. Often we find ourselves sticking to what we know works… because we know it works. So a plan emerged – our next meet up would involve a day of photographing each other – to explore ideas, to challenge ourselves and to have no consideration of the end goal. I learnt a lot from the experience, mostly from being on the other side of the camera for a day – I learnt it’s hard but with encouragement you gain confidence and it gets easier – once this happens beautiful things start to emerge. This confirmed to me how important a Pre Wedding Shoot is for smashing through the awkwardness and getting past peoples inhibitions. Good exercising of the creative muscles. x2015-05-20_0001

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  • A beautiful year of babies

  • This last year has been extra specially lovely as I’ve busily gone about photographing people. It has featured lots of those eye wateringly delicious, sometimes sleepy, giggly, cry-ey, dribbley and always unpredictable tiny humans.  It’s been a huge joy to observe and for a short time to be included in the lives of these new families – from meeting up with couples whose weddings I previously shot and seeing their next stage of life with new babies, to photographing  my best friend and our lovely Ari. I’ve met new people who want to show something more in their family photographs than the generic same as everyone else poses and have been enveloped into their world for a short time… to do this… take beautiful pictures. Because life moves quickly. x

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  • Morocco a-go-go

  • January = holiday! It’s the only month of the year you wont find me shooting weddings so me and the IT Department decided to pack up and get away for an adventure. Morocco had it all… gorgeous people… good food… good weather… baby surf… mad colours… craggy scenery and some beautiful light. Lushness on a stick.









  • Wonderful West Sussex Wedding / Hannah & Rob

  • I remember meeting Hannah and her mum at a wedding fayre… we all knew it was meant to be. On their Pre Wedding Shoot I learnt Hannah and Rob are the actual King and Queen of ‘jump shots’, we’ve never looked back and have taken every opportunity to ‘jump shot’ since. These guys created a real stunner of a day at Grittenham Barn in West Sussex, with loads of lovely detail and gorgeousness in every corner. Such a happy day and check out Hannah’s beeeeeautiful dress . x2014-06-10_00612014-06-10_00632014-06-10_00642014-06-10_00652014-06-10_00662014-06-10_00672014-06-10_00682014-06-10_00692014-06-10_00702014-06-10_00712014-06-10_00722014-06-10_00742014-06-10_00732014-06-10_00752014-06-10_00762014-06-10_00772014-06-10_00782014-06-10_00792014-06-10_0080