I actually dare / Street Photography Workshop

Every year I take myself off on a workshop run by a photographer who is out there and doing things a bit differently in this funny old world of wedding photography. Enter Gary Lashmar and his Dare workshop, you will find him going by the name of Marshal Gray and you should check out his photography I promise it’ll get you excited. So this week I found myself in a North London warehouse having my photography world rocked and then out on the town popping my street photography cherry. Photographing strangers who are unassumingly going about their daily life – who knew getting out of the old comfort zone could be so liberating. x 2014-03-06_0001

2014-03-06_0002 2014-03-06_0003 2014-03-06_0004 2014-03-06_0005 2014-03-06_0006 2014-03-06_0007 2014-03-06_0008 2014-03-06_0009 2014-03-06_0010


  1. by Simon on 6th March 2014  6:31 pm Reply

    Really nice work here Beki

  2. by Yvonne Lishman on 6th March 2014  6:52 pm Reply

    Awesome images. I love your post production. Glad you had fun. Gary rocks. I did a solo workshop with him in February.

  3. by Pat Kelman on 6th March 2014  7:58 pm Reply

    Wow. I love everything about these pictures Beki - the subjects, the attitude, the bravery you showed by getting out of your comfort zone and just doing it. Very very cool - I'm completely floored. Awesome.

  4. by Graciela on 6th March 2014  10:19 pm Reply

    OMG! This frames are amazing... you really went for it! ;) I'm in love with your colours. Miss you, Cameron!! xx

  5. by Danielle Acken on 15th March 2014  3:04 am Reply

    These are stunning Beki! Absolutely loved meeting you and can't wait to follow your journey!

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