A beautiful year of babies

This last year has been extra specially lovely as I’ve busily gone about photographing people. It has featured lots of those eye wateringly delicious, sometimes sleepy, giggly, cry-ey, dribbley and always unpredictable tiny humans.  It’s been a huge joy to observe and for a short time to be included in the lives of these new families – from meeting up with couples whose weddings I previously shot and seeing their next stage of life with new babies, to photographing  my best friend and our lovely Ari. I’ve met new people who want to show something more in their family photographs than the generic same as everyone else poses and have been enveloped into their world for a short time… to do this… take beautiful pictures. Because life moves quickly. x

2015-04-17_0002 2015-04-17_0016 2015-04-17_0015 2015-04-17_0014 2015-04-17_0013 2015-04-17_0012 2015-04-17_0011 2015-04-17_0010 2015-04-17_0009 2015-04-17_0008 2015-04-17_0007 2015-04-17_0006 2015-04-17_0005 2015-04-17_0004 2015-04-17_00032015-04-17_0001

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