Monthly archives:February 2013

  • Meandering in Marrakesh

  • Me and oldest friend Emma (as in known her long time not that she is old) went for an over due adventure in Marrakesh. We walked, got lost, ate anything being cooked on the street, walked more, took pictures, drank Peppermint Tea, walked, shopped in the souks and most importantly basked in the sunsh[...]
  • Lou and Kristian ♥ Engagement Shoot

  • Sometimes want to just play in the park and climb trees? Pretty much that's how Lou and Kristian rolled on their Engagement Shoot. We had a awesome ramble in the woods drinking bubbly, taking pictures and non stop chatting. Near miss disaster when Kristian (known for being a bit clumsy) almost broke[...]
  • Matt and Claire ♥ Engagement Shoot

  • Anyone for fizz and golf? Snow was forecast for Claire and Matt’s Engagement Shoot but instead we had amazing evening sun shine and dusky light (the main ingredients for a MEGA BOOM shot). I photographed Matt’s family a few years ago and he asked me to do his wedding…..even though he hadn’t yet prop[...]